CABICHEM Initial Facts Finding Mission for Afghanistan

On the 5th and 6th July 2018 implementers from EU CBRN Centres of Excellence Project 65 “Strengthening chemical and biological waste management in Central Asia countries for improved security and safety risk mitigation - CABICHEM” ( visited Tashkent to carry out the first fact finding mission with a visiting delegation from Afghanistan.

InitialFactFindingAfghanistan 01

Tashkent, 5th June 2018. Participants to the FFM

The event enabled the CABICHEM Consortium members to meet Dr. Bashiruddin Noormal, Director General Afghanistan National Public Health Institute (ANPHI), Dr. Nasir Ahmad Stanikzai, Director Central Public Health Lab (CPHL) - Afghanistan’s CBRN CoE Acting National Focal Point (NFP) and Afghan experts in domains related to chemical and biological waste management. During the first day the CABICHEM implementers presented the tasks of the project in order to inform participants of the potential benefits for Afghanistan.

National experts were asked to detail the state of the art of the country. The second day discussion was organised addressing issues related to chemical waste management and on issues related to biological waste management in parallel. Key experts led the discussion and collected feedback on the national state of the art and needs. Participants from Afghanistan belonged to different ministries and national institutions involved in activities connected to environment, health, security and CBRN aspects.

The mission with the Afghan delegation allows to bring together European experts belonging to the CABICHEM Project and experts from Afghanistan able to define of the country’s needs. This was essential to tailor CABICHEM tasks taking into account that no activities in presence will be carried out in the country.

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