Project Action Lines


Non site/lab/facility hazardous waste

The goal of WP5 is to reduce waste generation at very low level (household, small companies, non-intensive agricultural uses, craftsmanship, etc.) and improve waste management system in dealing with common waste. In case of sites, labs, industrial facilities, mines etc. wastes can be easily categorized and are generally easier to handle because those are produced in a specific place, and it is possible to force by law and/or regulations manufacturers or owners of the industry facilities to neutralize or properly handle the produced wastes. On the other hand, it is much harder to persuade the entire society to change its way of life and habits, starting to handle wastes differently.  Moreover, the production of common wastes is really dispersed and difficult to control.
Task 1 – Review of current practices in hazardous waste management non-related to specific sites and facilities
Task 2 – Awareness raising in general public of safety and security issues with chemical and biological waste, and related aspects