Project Action Lines


Preparation of sites remediation/management

One of the main purposes of WP6 is to propose an innovative methodology for detecting and mapping burial and abandoned sites, which will be collected into a dedicated database per country. As a step further, a Feasibility study will be performed in order to evaluate the possibility to implement mitigation measures and remediation/permanent safety measures to manage hazardous situation at the identified sites.  At the end of the WP6 process, activities will result in the formulation of a tailored project proposal for a following implementation of remediation/management.
Task 1 – Inventory of current and historic dump and burial sites and abandoned industrial sites with chemical and biological waste, including e-waste
Task 2 – Definition of innovative methods for detecting and mapping the burial sites of untreated chemical fertilizers and other harmful substances
Task 3 – Characterisation and quantification of waste materials and substances and systematic assessment of safety risks and security threats linked to hazardous sites
Task 4 – Feasibility study on possible remediation/management of problematic sites to evaluate their practical implementation