CABICHEM is present at the International High-Level Conference under the auspices of the United Nations on the Aral Sea Region in Nukus, Uzbekistan

UN Conference Aral Sea October 2019 1On October 24 and 25 the Uzbekistan Government held the International High-Level Conference "Aral Sea Region - Zone of Ecological Innovation and Technology" under the auspices of the United Nations in Nukus, Uzbekistan. 
The event had the goal of giving a new impetus to attract investments and strengthen regional cooperation in implementing new, innovative and modern technological solutions aimed at improving living conditions of the population of the region, as well as the state of the environment of the Aral Sea Zone. 

Against this backdrop, CABICHEM has been invited to join, being it considered by the Regional Secretariat for Central Asia of EU CBRN Centres of Excellence a valuable source of information on how to manage legacy hazardous waste in Central Asia. 

Together with CABICHEM, high-level officials of Central Asian and other countries, the EU and other international organisations, financial institutions, investment companies, leading scientific institutions, the media and public organisations, amongst others, attended the Conference. 

During the event, plenary and parallel meetings were held, having the scope of fostering discussion on the concept "Aral Region - a zone of environmental innovation and technology" and on innovative solutions, modern technologies and investment projects applicable to the conditions of the region in the following areas: 

  1. Set up of the conditions to attract foreign investment in the development and implementation of environmentally friendly technologies;
  2. Integrated implementation of the principles of "green economy", "environmentally friendly", "energy" and "water saving technologies";
  3. Introduction of water saving technologies and food security; 
  4. Prevention of desertification, ecological migration and development of ecological tourism.

As a result of the Conference, a draft of the special UN General Assembly resolution on declaring the Aral Sea Region - zone of environmental innovations and technologies was agreed with the Government of Uzbekistan. 

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