CABICHEM launches an informative and awareness raising campaign to fight COVID-19

COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel-Coronavirus-2019, grew rapidly in the last months, thus becoming a severe pandemics concerning virtually all countries in the 5 continents and negatively affecting the everyday’s life of any citizen in the world.

For these reasons, although counteracting a new emerging pandemics was not an original main goal of CABICHEM CBRN Project no. 65, the Leader of Work Package 4, whose institutional tasks are awareness raising and training activities linked to the management of hazardous chemical and/or biological waste materials, decided to share with CABICHEM’s Partners and participants a set of extra information packages focusing on the use of sanitation solutions to mitigate the diffusion of the novel-Coronavirus on surfaces, on the use of the most adequate Personal Protective Equipment to operate in COVID-19-contaminated areas as well as on the management and treatment of bio-hazardous waste, paying a specific attention to the biosafety aspects linked to this poorly-known pathogenic agent.


CABICHEM’s Experts have therefore selected guidelines, best practices, aide-memoire cartoons and technical information sheets from the most relevant international sources in the field, thus implementing a specific webpage where all these materials can be fully downloaded and shared.

Some cartoons are available as editable file versions and Local Experts of the CABICHEM Partner Countries are warmly invited to translate them in local languages and circulate them across the national agencies and final users who may benefit at best from such direct and reliable information.

The COVID-19 informative and awareness raising page will be continuously updated and enriched by novel contents, as soon as they are available on the international state-of-the-art about a safe and sound approach to the management of the biosafety aspects of the COVID-19 emergency outbreak.

We hope you appreciated our extra effort and we are ready to satisfy any request of additional information, if it falls in the area of our possibilities.

Visit the COVID-19 informative and awareness raising page by clicking here.